Monday, June 29, 2009

An Update From The Mission Field

As of Tuesday, June 23, 2009...

The team saw over 200 patients today and gave away about 20 pairs of glasses. It was a great day!

The team was amazing. Diana, Kayenda and Dottie were pharmacists. Efrim injected anybody he could. Danice worked hard to talk a lady out of having an abortion. Dawn-Marie and Chika each saw 40 plus patients. Rahel was like four people in one and Hashim was awesome at filling in and doing whatever was needed.

We are dodging fiery darts big time. Please Pray.

*Pray request as of 6-23-09

-Our scope used for ears and nose has suddenly stopped working. It worked last week. Sammy and Hasim are out trying to fix it. (Ethiopia is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time).

-Kayend has an upset stomach.

Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet the Ethiopia 2009 Medical Team

Sarnaa Archie, member of the 2008 team and former Student Discipleship Pastor at First Baptist Altanta that stayed in Ethiopia, is in the process of being approved as a missionary with Source of Light Ministries Intl. You can find out more at his website at

Dottie Eleazer and Dawn-Marie Headley

Danice Mariney

Diana Evans (left) designed the birth certificate that the team will use from now on for all babies born at the Source of Light Clinic. Diana will be working in the pharmacy and with evangelism.

Ethiopian gospel singer Sammy extended his stay in Ethiopia to be able to work at the Dukem clinic with evangelism and translation for the FBA team

Efrim enjoyed packing and sorting the medicines. We did not expect to have an entire room filled with medicines and supplies.

Hashim Ayele (left), Rahel Demssie (center) and Dr. Efrim Moore (right)
Hashim (left) is a Civil Engineer and was planning on being very supportive of his wife
(Rahel) when she decided to join the team. God made it possible for both Hashim and Rahel to be a part of the team. Hashim will be Dr. Efrim Moore's interpreter.

Rahel, a nurse, will work with Nurse Practioner Chika Oraka (below center) to treat patients and also be the interpreter.

Nurse Practioner Chika Oraka (center)

It is impossible for Chika to thank God enough for allowing her to return to the Dukem Clinic. A native of Nigeria, Chika was significantly moved to see the level of poverty and need in Dukem. The team relied heavily on the experiences that Chika, Dottie and Dawn-Marie related as plans were made for the provision of health care for the people of Dukem.

Kayenda, a technology engineer, will develop an electronic system to keep record patient data such as biographical information, disease/illness, and medication prescribed and taken by each patient. Since many of the patients are unsure of their exact birthday, photographs of each patient will be an essential.

Kayenda and Dottie share creative ideas about getting as much as possible into one suitcase. Dottie was responsible for obtaining the supplies for the clinic in Dukem and the Source of Light Clinic. She ahs become the expert in this area and has developed an incredible relationship with all the vendors.

Kayenda and Dottie processing supplies

For the June 2009 team Dottie took on the responsibility of securing supplies from MedShare and a few other local vendors. Since visiting the Dukem Health Clinis in December 2008
Dottie knew exactly what was needed, including quantities and also sorted the supplies for packing.

The Second Medical Mission Team Heads to Addis Ababa June 20

On Saturday, June 20 ten members from First Baptist Atlanta will leave for Addis Ababa. This will be the second team that will serve God in Dukem, Ethiopia at the Dukem Health Clinic.

Of the ten members of the Ethiopia 2009 team, Dawn-Marie Headley, Dottie Eleazer, Chika Oraka and Ingrid Forbes were members of the team that made the inaugural journey in December 2008. Danice Mariney, Kayenda Johnson, Diana Evans, and Efrim Moore are among the team members participating on their first missionary journey. Ethiopians Rahel and Hashim are also making their first missionary journey and are excited to finally have their prayers to serve Christ by serving their country.

The medical clinic being built by Source of Light Ministries International is not yet completed so the team will not be able to work in the new building. However, God has miraculously supplied a great deal more medicines including a few specific medicines for eye diseases/infections. The team will return to the Dukem Health Clinic to a staff and patients who have been waiting patiently for their return.