Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Laying the Foundation - Pre-Mission Planning September 2008

This historic trip is the first for First Baptist Atlanta (FBA). This inaugural team to Ethiopia will establish an essential relationship between FBA, the Ethiopian government and Source of Light Ministries (SOL).

Ingrid, Ambassador Casa and Tsdali

Team leader Ingrid Forbes traveled to Addis Ababa in September 2008 to meet with Ethiopia's Ambassador Casa, Chief Minister Tadessa, and Minister of Health, Dr. Kebede. In a five day work week, Ingrid and missionary Haile and his wife Tsdali Tafera spent the time engaging these

officials in the vision of providing medical care for Ethiopia's poorest by allowing mission teams from FBA to make two trips annually. With God's provisions, SOL will build a multi-purpose building in Dukem, Ethiopia (40 miles outside Addis Ababa) to house SOL Ethiopia, dorm rooms for teams of up to 20 people, a printing operation and bible study area. Of course, the clinic will be the largest part of this multi-purpose building...and once operational, the locals who are so poverty sticken, health care is not even a consideration, will be made available.

State Minister Tadesse Haile, suggested working at the Dukem Health Clinic in order to begin the process of building relationships with the
State Minister Tadesse Haile and missionary Haile Tefera. Below -Tsdali and Ingrid get to capture the historic meeting.

Haile and Tsdali gave a tour of the foundation for the Source of Light clinic. Since September 2008, new construction is well underway and plans to complete the project within the next 12 months will be the focus of prayers for the entire team and SOL staff in Ethiopia.

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